Healthy Tips

Simplify the preparation

Even though so many of the recipes in the Wholesome Junk Food Cookbook are delightfully easy, I’m still always looking for ways to simplify the preparation process even more. So if the recipe calls for butter or oil and then honey or agave or molasses in the same quantity, I use the same measuring cup for both: I measure the shortening first - and the sweetener will slide right out of the cup!

Bed time routines are good for grownups, too!

Getting a good night sleep is so important to how you feel and how you eat.  If I have not slept well, I don't feel good and am more likely to make food choices that are not in my best interest.  Remember, every hour before mid-night counts as two and TV right before bed is not restful.


I notice people drinking coffee, teas and juices as part of their regular routine. It is important to include water in our daily schedule. I like hot or warm water and try to drink a glass in the morning and evening minimum. If I don’t put it in my daily practice, I just forget to drink water and I don’t have as much energy.

Vary the veggies

Vary the vegetables based on what looks good to you! This past week I saw the most beautiful heads of butter lettuce in the store. They looked fresh and like big green flowers. Those salads have been delicious. Look for the produce that looks fresh and buy something new to make including greens and vegetables more tasty and exciting.

Stay healthy throughout the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and with all the celebrations comes the temptation to indulge in unhealthy foods. This year, why not have a pre-emptive strike? Make a list of healthy treats and healthy cookies that are versions of the fattening ones your family loves. Then, before it’s time to start baking, check the internet or your favorite cookbook for healthy treats or healthy cookie recipes. This way you’ll be prepared. If you’re not into baking, you can also stock up on healthy treats at your favorite health food store. Don’t forget to include plenty of our healthy cookies!

Ideal sleep formula

Learn what your ideal sleep formula is. What is the best time for you to get in bed, go to sleep, wake up? One mom I know puts her kids to bed at 7:45pm because they wake up so early. Getting the right type of sleep can determine the entire quality of your day. Turn the TV off, that email can wait until tomorrow, let yourself wind down. Find your bedtime routine and stick to it as much as possible. And, consider a nap if you need it.

Get rid of the old

When you go to replace staples like catsup, take the time to read the label. If it has corn syrup or other ingredients that do not sound good to you, make a change. Find a family catsup that gets your ingredient approval. Your family may notice at first, but they will get used to it. No need to throw out what you have, just make better choices when it comes time to buy a new bottle.

Keep your taste buds excited

Introduce your family and yourself to a new food or dish. Having a variety of foods keeps our taste buds excited. If you do not know how to cook or prepare it, ask someone at the store or look online for help. When I bought Maui onions for the first time, I was told to just cook them with a little olive oil. Everyone who walked in my house said, “It smells like the holidays.” It was fun trying something new. We all get in ruts and a new item is like a little adventure that may become a favorite food.

Have rules for what foods come in your house

My rules are no white sugar or flour. I can eat those at other people homes or at restaurants, but not in my house. I do most of my eating in the evening when I am home. So, everything in my home should be reasonably good for me. If I can’t sit down and enjoy it guilt-free, I do not bring it in. Overeating in the evening or nervous, emotional eating gets many people in trouble. Since many people do this at home, limit what comes in and watch yourself make healthier choices.

Exercise every day

No matter what the weather, try to exercise for 20 minutes a day. Whether you walk in the mall, go to the gym, bike, or ski, just get out and move each day doing something. Sometimes my work out is walking back and forth carrying groceries or taking the stairs instead of elevators.

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